History of Mont-Saint-Sacrement

Valcartier Ski Lodge

The story of Mont-Saint-Sacrement begins in 1946 with the construction of an alpine ski area and hotel that attracted some of the best skiers in Canada and the United States to work with the great french racer Émile Allais. In 1949, the hotel became the Valcartier Lodge.

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In 1955, the Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament purchased Valcartier Lodge and founded the Mont-Saint-Sacrement seminary. After the school officially qualified for Québec Ministry of Education funding in 1969, the student population began to grow, even as the number of teaching brothers declined. In 1982, Corporation de l'École secondaire Mont-Saint-Sacrement was founded. Three years later, in 1985, it bought the school. The Corporation made severa additions over the years as enrollment continued to grow, from 333 in 1971 to over 700 in 1999, and 850 today. École secondaire Mont-Saint-Sacrement inc. currently operates as a private high school offering general education, theater, music, art, and sports. The history of the school can be summed up as a commitment to young people, to excellence, and to faith in the future.

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L'Auberge du Mont

In1982, the high school established L'Auberge du Mont an inn and outdoor center, in the building formerly occupied by the Valcartier Ski Lodge. In addition to accomodation, the inn provided access to additionnal rooms and services, including classrooms, gymnasiums, computer labs and the auditorium. Today, L'Auberge du Mont is a four-star vacation center offering all-inclusive packages specially designed to meet the needs of its ever-growing clientele.

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Our Mission

Through its leadership, resources and educational philosophy, L'Auberge du Mont contributes to environmental education by providing a wide range of educational programs adapted to the needs of its clientele in a unique natural setting.